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ANOTHER DAY WITH GOD |God message jesus | God Tells |

my beloved child how have you been

starting your days when you open your

eyes in the morning where is your heart

are you feeling gratitude for the gift

of another day I invite you to reflect

on the wonderful present that is being

alive and to recognize my constant

presence in your life it is with immense

joy that I see you here listening to me

daily and seeking my guidance this is a

gift I give you a new opportunity to

experience life in its fullness blessed

is the one who upon opening their eyes

thanks me for the gift of life for

another day and already entrusts their

life into my hands so that I can guide

them this is the heart that is truly

connected to me allow me to guide your

steps beloved child each day is a blank

page that we can write together when you

choose to start your day with me peace

fills your heart you feel a Serenity

that transcends any worry or challenge

you might face this is the The Secret of

those who live with God in their hearts

the complete happiness that is not

shaken by life’s storms have you

experienced this happiness if not I

extend a special invitation to you today

come live this fullness that can only be

found in me give me your worries your

fears your hopes and dreams let me guide

your steps and illuminate your path when

you do this there is no obstacle we

cannot overcome together I am the light

that dispels all Darkness those who

trust in me live a joy that does not

depend on

circumstances they know that no matter

what happens I am by their side

sustaining them guiding them and

blessing them when you start the day

with gratitude and entrust your life to

me you notice my blessings in every

small detail life becomes a tapestry of

Wonders where each thread reveals my

grace and love for you gratitude is the

key that opens the doors to a full life

when your heart is full of gratitude you

see the world differently difficulties

become opportunities for growth

challenges moments of learning and with

each Victory no matter how small you

recognize my loving hand guiding you let

me be the first person you talk to when

you wake up and the last person you

speak to before you sleep share with me

your thoughts your Joys and your Sorrows

I am always here ready to listen to

comfort you and to fill you with my love

those who live with God in their hearts

are never alone in moments of loneliness

I am the constant companion in moments

of doubt I am the unwavering certainty

and in moments of sadness I am the

source of joy that never runs dry my

beloved I want you to know that I have

noticed your effort to connect with me I

see every moment when despite

disappointments and difficulties you

remain steadfast in your faith I know

the trials you have faced and I am

deeply happy for your perseverance and

dedication even in the most challenging

times you did not give up you kept your

heart open to me sought my presence and

trusted in my love this unwavering Faith

you show is precious to me and I want

you to know that I am by your side every

step of the way your devotion has not

gone unnoticed every prayer Every Act of

Faith every thought turned towards me

has been received with love and now the

time has come for me to honor this Faith

with Miracles and blessings that will

fill your heart with fulfillment prepare

to see my hand act in your life in ways

you may not even imagine the blessings

to come will not only be material

although those will come too they will

be deep and meaningful touching every

aspect of your existence I want to fill

your life with peace joy and purpose the

blessings I am preparing for you will

also reach your family I know the love

and concern you have for each of them

your faith and prayers will not only be

a source of strength for you but will

also bring benefits to those you love I

will touch the hearts of your family

bringing healing unity and

prosperity continue to trust in me

continue to seek my presence daily your

faith is already bearing fruit and soon

you will see the Abundant Harvest of

your prayers and

dedication I am honoring your

perseverance and Faith with Miracles

that will show show my power and love

keep your heart open and your trust firm

for I am working in your favor in every

challenge in every trial I Am with You

Turning every difficulty into an

opportunity for growth and blessing

believe that better days are coming the

happiness you seek the peace you long

for and the achievements you desire are

all within your

reach continue walking with me and I

will show you the path to fullness and

true happiness

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