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God’s Teachings for Today |God message jesus | God Tells |

my child feel the pulse of my Divine

energy around you enveloping you in

unconditional love and eternal wisdom

today I come to you with three

situations three guidance that will help

you become a better person a better

Christian the last one undoubtedly will

help you a lot so please stay with me

until the end firstly I want you to

deeply understand that the path of faith

is not devoid of challenges or

tribulations regardless of your failures

or weakness es your worth is not based

on material achievements but rather on

your relationship with me and your

Divine Purpose in this world in your

journey you will encounter moments of

Darkness where doubt will try to

undermine your faith in these moments

remember that The Light Within You is an

extension of my own light banish the

darkness with the flame of your faith

for it is a powerful force capable of

dispelling the darkest Shadows do not

fear the questions that arise in your

mind for it is through them that your

understanding expands and your faith

strengthens seek wisdom in every word of

my sacred scripture for in them you will

find answers to the deepest questions of

your heart do not be discouraged by

criticism or the Judgment of others for

I know you intimately and accept you

exactly as you are love yourself as I

love you for only through self-love can

you radiate my love to the world around

you do not forget to nurture your

connection with me through prayer

in these moments of solitude you will

find peace of mind and your soul will be

renewed by my presence know that each of

your actions has the power to influence

the destiny of countless Souls so Choose

Wisely and act with love in everything

you do my beloved child I’m here today

to talk to you about the transformative

power of forgiveness as well understand

that forgiveness is not only an action

that frees the one who ered but also the

one who was hurt when you carry the

weight of resentment and bitterness in

your heart you imprison your own soul in

a cycle of pain and suffering it’s

understandable that in the face of

injustices and betrayals you may feel

tempted to nurture anger and the desire

for Revenge however it’s important to

understand that forgiveness is not a

sign of weakness but rather of inner

strength by forgiving those who have

hurt you you free yourself from the

burden of the past and make space for

healing and spiritual growth

forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean

forgetting what was done but rather

choosing not to let bitterness rule your

heart remember that I myself am a god of

forgiveness whose Mercy extends to all

who sincerely repent of their mistakes

just as I forgive you I also call you to

forgive those who have offended you not

for their sake but out of love for

yourself and obedience to my

Commandments moreover my beloved I want

to talk to you about the importance of

living with gratitude in your heart I

ask you today from the bottom of my

heart pay special attention to gratitude

amidst life’s challenges and

difficulties it’s easy to focus only on

what’s lacking and forget all the

blessings that have already been granted

to you be thankful for every breath for

every ray of sunshine that brightens

your day for every person who is part of

your journey cultivate an attitude of

gratitude in everything you do for this

is the key to opening the doors of

abundance and happiness in your life be

thankful for what is yet to come in your

life be thankful for the blessings for

they will materialize be thankful as if

you’ve already received them for my

desire is for you to be happy and I will

do my best for you my child blessings

are being sent your way and what I ask

of you is to have faith with all your

might and be grateful for what you’ve

already received and for the blessings

that are on their way may these words

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