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I Want You To Breathe In My Spirit | Today’s Message from God

[Music] my dear child you are the joy of my

heart fear not for my blessing is already upon you the time is approaching

when you will overcome the burdens weighing heavily on your spirit understand this I have pledged to

Forever Stand By Your Side to lead and shield you to infold you in my Divine

Embrace just as the sun breaks through the clouds following a storm my radiance

shall guide your path bringing you Serenity and Harmony rest your faith in

my boundless affection and power surpassing every trial you face I walk

alongside you always showering blessings and fortifying your soul lay your hands upon the ailen and

my Healing Touch shall mend them command the winds the financial struggles and

life’s tempests to relent banish Discord and animosity from your dwelling

utter my teachings with respect and unwavering belief for no wonder lies beyond my

grasp I yearn to shower you with my blessings I am eager and Resolute to

enrich your comprehension of my teachings and to strengthen your spirit

do not succumb to fear when outside influences endanger your family numerous individuals estranged by

their transgressions roam like Fierce Lions aiming to seow Discord and plunder Wonder from blameless households yet you

and your loved ones stand steadfast lift your hands in supplication adoration and

beseech in my Divine name as I heed your voices lifted in belief your foes will

withdraw and be vanquished I wish for you to greet tomorrow with a revitalized heart it is

your opportunity to cleanse your mind to Cast Away all pessimism and to recommit

to following me regardless of the obstacles that lie ahead you will Forge ahead even in the

face of adversity I promise you my beloved there

is perpetually hope for both you and your cherished ones indeed there are moments when some

may feel discouraged and others may find their faith faltering yet I stand here

always prepared to Pardon them to cleanse their hearts and spirits and to grant them the strength to resist

temptation if they falter once more they will rise with contrite hearts and a revived

determination to seek repentance and change in this space I eagerly await

their comeback I speak to you with utmost tenderness and affection allow your

anxiety to dissolve as you heed my words I urge you to unwind and pause for a

moment of reprieve dedicate a few moments enter into My Embrace and

perceive as as I calm your spirit share with me what you desire for me to

undertake to replenish your Tranquility you are beside me and I do not wish for

your heart to be burdened my desire is for you to savor the gifts I bestow and

to nurture a longing to embrace life to its fullest I yearn for our bond to

deepen to become more intimate and to Embrace Transparency before long you will

comprehend the vastness of the mark I aspire to unveil in your existence to

achieve this dedicate yourself to daily kneeling and earnestly pursuing me every

instant you share with me holds significance and I bestow upon you Serenity and affection each time you

draw near even if only for a fleeting prayer the moment has come for you to

behold extraordinary and Supernatural wonders open your eyes to perceive the

Myriad opportunities awaiting you [Music]

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