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Prayers for Family Protection and Blessings | God message jesus | God Tells |

dear brothers and sisters today We

Gather in humility and love before our

Lord to pray for the most precious gift

he has given us our family the Holy

Scripture teaches us that the family is

a Divine institution a safe haven of

love and understanding it is both our

duty and our privilege to pray for their

protection and blessing Heavenly Father

we wholeheartedly thank you for the

immense Grace of having a family for the

love we experience daily for the

laughter that fills our home and for the

challenges that make us grow together

you have entrusted these people to us

and for this we praise you almighty God

we ask you to extend your holy hands

over each member of our family bless

their Journey guide them with your

wisdom and strengthen their faith we ask

you to grant them Health success in

their Endeavors and a heart that strives

for your will Lord we live in a world

full of uncertainties and challenges we

implore you to be their Shield and

protector guard them from Evil

strengthen them in Temptation and guide

them safely through life storms teach us

to interact with love and respect and to

walk as a family in your light Lord we

praise and glorify your name for your

endless goodness with each day we renew

our trust in your guidance and Care let

us always be a shining example of your

love in this world through Jesus Christ

Our Lord we pray amen

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