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Take My Hand |God message jesus | God Tells |

my beloved child this message holds the key to resolving your troubles but your

heart must be open to hear and embrace the love I offer you today see how deeply I love you I speak

gently urging you to be brave and unafraid don’t lose heart or Overlook

the victories you’ve achieved or the blessings you’ve received don’t give up

listen to me it’s for your benefit soon you’ll encounter opportunities ahead but stay sharp and attentive let

the Divine guidance steer your destiny when it’s time to make a choice

hold on to me take my hand step boldly and confidently walk through those open

doors fear no one and don’t let anyone convince you they are stronger than you

show kindness honesty and fairness to all but bow to no

person I alone have authority over your soul no one can dictate your future or

take away your blessings don’t let anyone control your family base your

decisions on my love for you and follow my words my truth and my

commands these are Promises of Victory and freedom this is a clear message to

your heart dismiss fear and erase thoughts of defeat you’re facing tough battles but I’m by

your side to guide you to the end you’re brave no force in this world not witches

magicians or false prophets can hurt you I am the only one who died and rose

again for you no one has the power to harm you believe this and don’t be

swayed by empty threats I will prosper you and bless you you will work with

wisdom prudence and all your strength but your family will always have the place it deserves in your heart nothing

material is more valuable than your family and spiritual blessings come and fill yourself with my

word listen every evening and every morning meditate on my promises when you

go to sleep and when you open your eyes listen to me again for I am with

you to guide and bless you for you there will be no defeat or failure if you

allow me to illuminate your steps with this Divine Light that always surrounds you do not go down the wrong path do not

fall into the traps of the heartless do not listen to the gossip

that leaves you full of guilt and discouraged when you walk lift your head

and look towards the horizon many blessings are coming but

your spiritual eny enemies want to steal your opportunity for freedom and true

Prosperity many will come to fill your head with doubts but close your ears to

the words of those who do not believe remember this voice let these words of Love return to

your thoughts let your heart be encouraged by this love with which I embrace you

follow me today love me serve me fill yourself with my my wisdom come to me

every day receive peace strength and Tranquility but above all learn from me

be patient I do not ask you to endure humiliation from people but I will give

you the intelligence to know when and how to respond to all demands never

speak with shouting do not respond with violence do not give your enemies the

chance to throw your failures in your face if you have many problems and can no

longer endure them do not run around telling everyone what is happening to you your secrets could fall into the

hands of malicious tongues and suddenly everyone will know the things that hurt

you and will humiliate you and mock you when you face impossible

situations come to me I will take away your burdens give

rest to your soul remove all anxiet iety from your life and erase tension sadness

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