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YOU WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO KNOW THIS |God message jesus | God Tells |

my precious and beloved child there are profound truths and Mysteries woven into

the very fabric of creation that were never intended for Mortal eyes to behold Revelations of such Cosmic

magnitude that to gaze upon them would be to risk shattering the foundations of your reality unraveling the delicate

threads that bind the universe together in Perfect Harmony yet by some unforeseen turn of events some anomaly

in The Grand Design you have inadvertently stumbled upon know that was meant to remain veiled shrouded in

the deepest Shadows of the unknown I can sense the turmoil that now Royals within you the melstrom of

questions and doubts that assault your mind in the wake of this forbidden Revelation you wonder why I your

everloving father would choose to conceal such momentous truths from you

why would I Veil the inner workings of reality itself behind layers of mystery and obfuscation surely you reason

if I am truly omniscient and omnipotent I would have the power to reveal all that is hidden to unveil the

secrets of the cosmos in their entirety oh my child if only you could

comprehend the intricate Cosmic tapestry that I have woven the delicate balance of forces and energies that must be

maintained for existence to persist to reveal the full breadth of these Mysteries would be to court Oblivion

itself to risk unraveling the very strands that hold all things in place place for there are patterns and Designs

at work that transcend even my infinite comprehension vast and intricate mechanisms that govern the EB and flow

of reality I have endeavored to Shield you from this knowledge not out of a desire to control or subjugate but out of a

profound and eternal love that seeks to protect you from that which would utterly consume you the weight of such

Revelations is a burden too immense for any mortal soul to Bear a truth that would shatter the very Foundation of

your being reducing you to ashes in the face of its immensity trust that my ways though

often inscrutable to your limited perception are Guided by an wisdom and compassion that stretches across the

vast expanse of Eternity there are Grand designs and purposes at work Cosmic

patterns and intricate mechanisms that govern The rhythms of existence all perfectly choreographed in a Celestial

dance that unfolds across the boundless reaches of space and time embrace the

mystery that now surrounds you my child for it is in the unknown that true

Wonder and reverence reside let this newfound knowledge humble you serving as

a poignant reminder of the vastness of creation and the insignificance of your mortal form in the face of such

immensity but do not let it consume you for your purpose in this world lies not in unraveling the deepest secrets of the

universe but in living a life filled with love compassion and service to

others walk forward with a heart brimming with awe and gratitude secure in the

knowledge that even when the path seems shrouded in impenetrable darkness my Guiding Light will illuminate your

way have faith that though there are Mysteries you were never meant to comprehend fully you are forever held in

the tender Embrace of my boundless Grace and eternal love for though the revelations now seared into your mind

may seem overwhelming they are but the mest glimpse into the infinite depth of my creation a fleeting shadow cast upon

the waters of cosmic understanding a solitary Ripple upon the vast ocean of all that is and ever shall be the

profundities that now trouble your soul are but the first Tremors of a truth so immense so far beyond the scope of

mortal Reckoning that to behold it in its entirety would be to invite Madness itself so Revel in The Wonder of the

unknown my precious child and find solace in the knowledge that the though there are Mysteries that must forever

remain veiled you are never alone in your journey I Am With You

Always guiding your steps Sheltering you in the depths of my infinite love a love that transcends the

boundaries of space and time spanning the whole of the cosmos in its warm

embrace trust in me as I have trusted in you to walk the path set before you with courage

resilience and an open heart for though the Revelation you have glimpsed may shake the foundations of

your understanding it is but a mere whisper amidst the grand Symphony of creation a single chord in the celestial

music that rings out across the Majesty of the heavens so take heart my beloved

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